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Welcome to Sai Super Market

Established in 1998, Sai Super Market is the first professionally managed chain of departmental stores in Solapur City. We are having three branches to serve the growing needs of consumers in solapur city.

The first one at Sat Rasta, a very prominent and convenient location in the city, was established on 11th Dec, 1998 to serve the consumers in solapur with fresh and clean grocery and a large range of household and personal care products at very reasonable cost. It was the first of its kind super market to offer home delivery service in the city. The growing response of the consumers and consumer demand led to open a branch at Jule Solapur the most developing part of the city, which was opened on 11th Dec, 2002. A branch was opened on 21st October, 2007 in Damani Nagar Area to cater the needs of people in this mainly residential and rapidly growing area.

Since inception Sai super market has been a consumer-centric brand, constantly innovating, pioneering formats, evolving over time but always keeping consumer needs and satisfaction center-stage. We introduced Solapur to the joys of suermarket shopping. What has remained unchanged almost 11 years is the trust the Sai Super Market brand evokes. To the consumer, it carries the promise of innovation, quality, and service; the confidence that they will always be able to find a Sai Super Market at a convenient location; that it will have a pleasant ambience; and that it will offer a wide range of products at affordable prices.

With all these three branches, we are serving a large part of part of public a variety of products for their daily needs. We are succeeded in making the name of Sai Super Market as a synonym of quality.


In the Indian milieu, there are only two routes to survival – discounting and differentiation. Most retailers choose to play the price game. We, however, preferred to focus instead on establishing ourselves as the preferred shopping destination for discerning young customers looking for a range of quality products that let them participate in a global lifestyle.

Our brand positioning – Taste the World – embodies this unique approach, promising consumers a fun-filled shopping environment with the best that the world has to offer in terms of interiors, ambience and merchandise.

The following characteristics distinguish the Spencer’s brand and create memorable 360° shopping experiences for consumers:

Products – we offer the widest range of food and non food(personal care, home care, utilities) brands, with an unmatched expertise in food products

Quality – we lay a huge emphasis on all-round quality: in products, stores, service standards, and customer engagement programs

Service - we are the pioneers of home delivery service in solapur city. And many other customer friendly services are offered by us

Heritage – we are Solapur’s oldest retailer, with many firsts to our credit

Promotions – we seek to offer the right products at the right time at the right price, with promotions carefully designed to suit the buying cycle and shopping basket of the consumers. the details of the offers are sent by SMS to all our registered customers, a count of about 20000 members.

Brand Imagery – our stores and staff seek to make our customers feel right at home, being contemporary, accessible, empathetic and trusted.

Board of Directors:

The board of directors, having corporate powers act as guardian of the company and are vested with the major policy decision making powers.

They are from diversified sectors and have their special field of knowledge and experience and the same is backbone of the company.

Mr. Vishnudas M. Mundada

Mr. Mukund B. Bhattad

Mr. Dhanesh U. Kekade

Mr. Vinodkumar K. Baheti

Mr. Shamsunder R. Bihani

Mr. Balkisan B. Karawa

Mr. Bhagirath B. Khandelwal

Mrs. Rajlaxmi N. Parikh

Under the guidance of this governing body, as per the policies lays down, the company could make such a success in the Retailing.

Management committee

The day-to-day management of affairs of the Company is vested with the Management Committee which is subjected to the overall superintendence and control of the Board. The management committee is headed by Mr. Vishnudas Mundada and Mr. Mukund Bhattad jointly. And has functional heads as its members managing various functions of the company

  Mr. Vishnudas M. Mundada

Looks after the overall administration of the company and responsible for all day to day activities along with Mr. Mukund Bhattad

Mr. Mukund B. Bhattad

Looks after the overall administration along with Mr. Vishnudas Mundada. And looks after overall purchase activities of the company.

Mr. Dhanesh U. Kekade

He basically looks after Customer Relation development and manage the day to day functioning of Sat Rasta Branch

Mr. Vinodkumar K. Baheti

He is the incharge of the grocery packing department and responsible for day to day functioning of Gandi Nagar Solapur Packing Center

Mr. Pawankishore V. Mundanda

He looks after purchase of FMCG products and overall functioning of the Akkalkot Road Branch

Mr. Ramankishore V. Mundanda

He looks after purchase of FMCG products and overall functioning of the Sat Rasta Branch

Mr. Krishna Mukund Bhattad

Looks after purchase of FMCG products and overall functioning of Jule Solapur Branch

Mr. Pawan R. Mundanda

Looks after Accounts and Finance.

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